NFT Collection

Discover a unique interactive story unlocked through NFTs. Each NFT reveals a part of the plot, the character's lore, and intriguing secrets.

Collectors can meld narrative resources to unravel the mysteries of the Agents in one exciting journey. 

The Outsider OVA Pack Vol. 1

Blend the RBG colors and discover the final scenes. 

Get Animated scenes

Mix all the cards and get the final scenes for the Stake Farm.

Get the 3 main scenes, unlock the legendary token and then the collector token to access the story and unlock the full power of the collection

Know the Pilot Episode

Learn everything about the first episode and the origin of the agents.

Read the lore and discover the story

In a futuristic world dominated by big tech corporations and an oppressive government, "Vulnerability Agents" emerge. These are rogue, clandestine agents fighting against the centralized technological control of the corrupt and oppressive system. 

In this section, you can dive into the fascinating Lore of our characters and the incredible world of Neo Arcadia. To unlock the story chapters, simply acquire the NFT of the corresponding agent, and you'll gain access to thrilling plots. 

Get Your Token Episode

Purchasing an Agent not only provides you with an animated artwork and a fragment of the story but also brings you closer to acquiring the Collector's Role. Possessing the complete Special Drop and the OVA lets you obtain the Special Episode Pilot Token and The Collector OVA Token, which allows you to participate in our Stake Farm and generate WAXP Tokens. 

Collector's tokens and other exclusive pieces can serve as your digital identity and unlock exclusive plots and fragments. More objects will be developed in the future. 

An interactive story with codex to discover

Vulnerability Agents is destined to become an NFT Manga with a future transition into an interactive visual novel, breathing life into the entire agents' universe. As we progress in its development, the launch of the Neo Arcadia Codex draws near, the world that houses these extraordinary agents.

 The first Codex, titled 'A Naked Look at Dystopia,' is a unique work where each page unveils a crucial fragment of the story. Only by completing all the pages can you unlock the interactive book. The book is made up of 7 chapters in total. And that's not all; each page of the Codex will serve a purpose in our Wax DAO, offering an even more enriching experience.

 This Codex, like many literary gems, breaks away from conventional visual narrative styles while unraveling the rich subtext that provides unmatched context and narrative value to the captivating story we've crafted. This effort brings us one step closer to one of the final milestones in the development of Vulnerability Agents.

 Don't miss the opportunity to collect the complete history of Neo Arcadia, immerse yourself in its origins, get to know its people, explore its customs, and become an integral part of the thrilling world of the agents. Are you ready? The Codex embarks on its journey on October 1st at 00:00 Central Time. Join us in this exciting chapter of Vulnerability Agents!

My information about the launch of the code in our discord

It starts with the collectible experience.

No collection is truly complete without its collectibles. Be dazzled by the incredible limited edition collectible additions that Vulnerability Agents has to offer.

Collect the official box, the poster, the cover, the OST of the OVA, and much more. Your collection will never be whole without these unique, limited treasures. Add a special touch to your collection with Vulnerability Agents!

Become a Collector

With the Base Role, everyone is eligible for the mentioned benefits. Wondering how to become an Official Community Collector? To achieve this, you need to have the complete Vulnerability Agents Special 

Roadmap Activation


10% Phase 1: Launch of the collection - COMPLETED.

Launch of the first Free Drop: VenapGames World - COMPLETE.

Special Drop Release: First narrative adventure of Vulnerability Agents from the "VenapGames" NFT collection minted on the Blockchain Wax and featured on the Neftyblocks marketplace. - COMPLETE.

Drops launch of the pilot episode presented in 6 chapters and introduction of the tier craftable card. - COMPLETE.

Implementation of the Stake-Farming system in WAX DAO. - COMPLETE.

20%  Phase 2: Web section for history - COMPLETED.

Creation of the NFT web section on our official website. - COMPLETE.

Creation of the section for the pilot episode of Vulnerability Agents. - COMPLETE.

Presentation of the story in a format that is easy to follow and attractive to readers. - COMPLETE. Until chapter 3, the story is accessible. Starting from Chapter 4, the agent's NFT is needed to unlock the chapter. - COMPLETE.

30% Phase 3: Public relations and benefits - IN PROGRESS.

Registration for the Atomichub Whitelist. - COMPLETE.

Benefits for Collectors and Role of Collector in the Community - COMPLETE.

Creation of exclusive tabs for collectors. - COMPLETE. 

WAXP FARM for Vulnerability Agents collection - COMPLETE.

Creation of a benefits program for Sponsors and Ambassadors. - IN PROGRESS.

Integration to other collections of the Wax ecosystem. - COMPLETE.

Relations with influencers and partnerships for promotion. - IN PROGRESS.

40% Phase 4: Packs, content expansion, and cycle economy - IN PROGRESS.

 Develop the canon main story. - IN PROGRESS.

Release of the first episode available through the Pack. The Outsider OVA Vol.1 - COMPLETE.

Creation of weekly return to WAXP Farming and 0.01% return to collection holders - IN PROGRESS.

Story expansion into collector-exclusive Special Drops and Free Drops for Vulnerability Agents. -  IN PROGRESS.

Creation of the Manga based on the story and characters of Vulnerability Agents. Integration of the NFT manga with the Codex system to the novel and integration to the farm. - IN PROGRESS.

50% Phase 5: Community Engagement and Personalization - ON HOLD.

Development of a Fan Art collection or market on Vulnerability Agents.

Inclusion of Fan Art as a special episode.

Production of the first short animation proof of the story.

Continue in development.

Stake Now in Wax Dao

Make Stake Farm with your agents and start generating profits in WAXP

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