Web 3.0 Community

Welcome to POP, the road to a Web 3.0 gamer community.

Welcome to POP, the road to a Web 3.0 gamer community. At Venap Games we value the participation of our users and that is why we have implemented a points system to recognize the time and effort of each one in the community. We have two numerical systems: VENAP Points and loyalty points.

Our points and seasons system allows you to participate in a VENAP community ranking by playing or participating in Twitch broadcasts.

Channel points or VENAP Points can be exchanged for prizes on Twitch during a broadcast and can be obtained by simply registering on Twitch, following the Venap Games channel, and attending broadcasts.

Non-subscribing viewers can earn points for attending broadcasts, following the channel, and performing actions such as giving away a subscription. Subscribed viewers receive a point multiplier.

VENAP Loyalty points are cumulative points that will be part of the ranking system and season in the community. They can be obtained through different activities in the community, registering on YouTube, Twitch, and Discord.

Users who attend broadcasts and are active in the chat can earn loyalty points. Subscribing members of the channel receive a multiplier bonus on their loyalty points. what are you waiting for? Start playing and winning with us. Read everything in detail in our Base Paper here.