Collectors Club

Fair distribution and market

There are no bonding curves in our collection. Bonding curves is a Ponzi scheme. All Agent NFTs have the same initial cost for everyone. After purchase, it's the users who create the market. 

Welcome to Venap Games Collector Club

Venap Games NFT is a finite, lore-connected NFT collection providing exclusive benefits solely to our collectors. The NFT itself serves as your entrance pass to the Club. Join us in this unique collecting experience.  Each piece of the Venap Games NFT collection, restricted to a finite number of works linked by a shared Lore, Concept, and Historical Background, holds a purpose and function within our native economy as a Web3 community and the WAX ecosystem. Our collector's role functions as a membership, offering unique benefits within our Club such as access to the exclusive Collectors Pub channel in our Discord. Additionally, you will receive three free lottery tickets bi-weekly, exclusive packs, drops, and collections that can be unlocked with community engagement and roadmap progress. 

NOTE: Currently, 17 Venap Games NFTs are retained in the main wallet, kept off the market for exclusive gifts and prizes. 

Drop is Over

The initial sale has sold out. To get your Agent, check out the collection on AtomicHub.  

Become a Collector

With the Base Role, everyone is eligible for the mentioned benefits. Wondering how to become an Official Community Collector? To achieve this, you need to have the complete Vulnerability Agents Special Drops collection in your WAX wallet. The NFT collection includes:

1 - PROMO: Hack the System 2 - Tier Agent 3 - Agent Kali Cypher 4 - Agent Kael Ravencore 5 - Lya Wireless 6 - Special Agent

For detailed information on the process, click here: Collector's Benefits - Venap Games Web 3.0 Community v1.0: (