Vulnerability Agents

Discover the Virtual Memory the new Expansion in PFP for Vulnerability Agents

The main mission of this PFP project is to allocate 75% of its sales to actions to help the entire animal world.

Project: The Virtual Memory

Driven by remorse and the quest for redemption, Dr. Elara has been a central figure in the fight against oppression in Neo Arcadia.

The Path to Healing and Impact:

This project not only aims to preserve and educate but also to drive change and build a more hopeful future through Blockchain technology. 

A story about the fight and love for animals.

A Brighter Future:

Each colorful PFP is a testament to the power of love over destruction. The project allocates 75% of profits to revitalize memories and support living creatures, especially forgotten stray dogs.

Join Elara's Resistance:

"The Virtual Memory" is an act of optimism in dark times, a testament to the enduring power of joy and a tangible force for good.

If you want to know more about the PFP expansion read the whitepaper

Collect History NFTs Before PFP

Immerse yourself in history with our exclusive promotional NFTs! grant you privileged access to the lore of the story.

True collectors who own all the promotional NFTs will have access to a unique and exclusive manuscript. Only two have been produced so far.

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Neftyblocks drops

Dr. Elara 

Virtual Memory Presentation

Dr. Elara 

Created the PFP

Discover the new PFP

Do you dare to embark on the collection of all Dr. Elara's PFPs?

With each Dr. Elara PFP you collect, you dive deeper into a world where this scientist redeems her past in the face of the devastation.

Each piece of digital art is not only a unique piece in your collection, but also an ever-evolving piece of history.

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The Animal Kingdom of Virtual Memory

Soon with each PFP you will have the opportunity to generate profits in WAXP while you immerse yourself in the fascinating world of digital collecting. Additionally, by participating in the Virtual Memory Animal Kingdom created by Dr. Elara, each purchase contributes to supporting real-world animal conservation and protection initiatives, allowing you to positively impact both worlds while building your financial success.

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