The Commemorative Manga Art Agent Kael Ravencore is Sold OUT 

Hello community,

The Commemorative Manga Art Agent Kael Ravencore from the OVA | Vol. 1 It has been completely sold. Only one copy left in stock FREE available only with the Battle Pass. 

This collectible is a unique, exclusive and limited-edition work of art from the Vulnerability Agents franchise. 

What are you waiting for to have yours? Get the battle pass here: 

Exclusive Codex Book of Neo Arcadia

Good night collectors.

Immerse yourself in the world of Vulnerability Agents with our captivating manga and its exclusive codex book! Each manga page is a key to our WAXP farm, staking your claim to unique rewards. 

Limited to just 30 NFTs per page, only those who complete the entire collection will unlock the digital manga and exclusive surprises – all for free! 

Embark on the journey here:

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First Exclusive Battle Pass

Good Morning Collectors.

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming release of our FIRST EXCLUSIVE BATTLE PASS. Only 10 copies will be available, so act quickly to secure yours for $15.

This pass offers exclusive advantages in OVA Vol. 2. Each battle pass grants exclusive early access to the following items:

2  Packs OVA 2
1 Rare Box Set
1 Exotic Box Set
1 Legendary Box Set


Additionally, the battle pass will provide a UNIQUE AND EXCLUSIVE mining power of 0.0115740741 WAXP/h, maximizing your benefits and perfectly complementing what lies ahead in the collection. There are no limits or restrictions with the purchase of the pass, and no user will be constrained in obtaining benefits or making purchases.


Community proposal:
Investment in other collecitions

Good afternoon to our incredible collectors.

We're hard at work preparing for the exciting updates and processes coming with the development and release of Volume 2 of Agent Kael Ravencore's OVA.

As a collection, our goal isn't just to benefit collectors but to enrich collaboration with other collections. Here's a sneak peek at our new proposal for the Volume 2 launch.

In Volume 1, we allocated 15% of pack sales to a cyclical return process to the FARM weekly. Now, with the Volume 2 launch, we'll allocate 10% of pack sales to the FARM, and 5% will go to the exclusive purchase of NFTs from other collections. These will then be distributed in community-wide draws in collaboration with the selected collections.

The main idea is to have an active weekly voting process from pack launch, featuring WAX community collections. They will undergo a voting process to decide which NFTs will be purchased with the allocated 5%.

This initiative aims not only to actively and consistently involve the community, Venap Games, and its users in other collections but also to contribute to their growth.

Some partners included in the initial votes for this system, launching with pack releases, are:

Defi Mining @HandstandMarv ┃DeFi Mining 

Sketch Art @Orlando | Sketch Art 

Rewards Runners @Yanar 

WAX Hooligan @crypto_gam3r 

3dm Studio @3md_art

Stay tuned for upcoming updates. 

Partner Collections